Happy woman

Excellent! Well Treated! Good Advice!


Best Teeth Cleaning So Far

Renu John

I Like The Ambience Of The Clinic-The Books ,Music And The Doctor

Pramila.P.M (Raihan Yasin)

Fantastic Clinic, Friendly Doctors, Soothing Ambience, Calming Music What More Could You Ask For? Thank You.

Malati Mudaliyar

I Am Touched. Thank You Doctor And Your Staff

Sikha Sarkar

Nice.Doctor Is Very Informative And Kind.Amazing Experience.Thank You.

Aarushi Gupta

Definetly Coming Here Again. Almost Feel Aseep During The Procedure.That Easy Brilliant Piaylist

Shilpa Sivaram

Thank You I Got My Smile Back Love U A


Guess I Should Stop Fearing Dentists. Thanks Dr.Lobo.

Roopa Rajkumar

Found Out About This Clinic On Practo. Dr. Poornima Was Very Courteous And Professional. No Complaints At All.

Gautam Khot