Why Us ?

At Cross Dental, we understand how important your smile is . We take time with every patient to understand their needs and provide custom made solutions keeping in mind the patients busy schedules, their overall health and affordability. We believe in practicing Quality dentistry with compassion, understanding that most patients have their inhibitions with Dental treatments Hence we use the latest technology and the best products available today to give the best and yet comfortable treatment experience for our patients. We strive to keep up to date with the trends and recent advancements in dentistry and with us, you will find the latest treatment modalities but yet time tested solutions for your dental problems. We Hope and strive everyday to take dentistry to a new level where getting dental treatment becomes a soothing or may be even peasurable experience for our patients, offering every new and advanced service that evolves with the latest technology, available at affordable prices . Below are few of the things we take pride in……

Consultants :Cross Dental care has very highly experienced and Qualified dentists on its panel of Consultants. Please refer Our Team for Further information.

Sterilization and Hygiene :

At Cross Dental, We always provide our patients with a safe, clean and disinfected environment we ensure that all rooms and equipments are properly set and sterilized daily and after each use.

We use protective equipments such as latex gloves, masks, and eyewear & lab coats. We not only use disposable needles and syringes but we make sure that they are not recycled.

The dental chair and unit are kept clean and disinfected at any given point of time & also between patients. The frequently touched surfaces of the dental unit are covered with disposable food grade cling foil plastic film. We use disposable glass, disposable drapes and suction tips for each patients.

The intraoral Xray and LC unit requires placing a sensor in the mouth during treatment. The sensor is neither sterilisable nor disposable. We place them in plastic pouches before placing in the mouth and the cover is disposed after each use.

Our sequential sterilization Process

  • The used instruments are first soaked in debriding solution to loosen all the debris and facilitate easy cleaning
  • They are then scrubbed to clean the surfaces and fine grooves
  • The instruments are then kept in sterilization pouches and are then placed in autoclave
  • Autoclave is a device that uses steam to sterilise equipment and other objects. All bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are inactivated. Autoclave works by allowing steam to enter, then maintaining pressure at 103kpa. This causes steam to reach 121oC & this is maintained for 15 minutes

After the autoclaving process is completed the pouches are checked for color change to ensure proper sterilization. The pouches are opened in front of the patient so the patients are assured of sterilized instruments.

We do not use AMALGAM(Silver) Fillings to avoid mercury toxicity for our patients and the environment.

Feel a safe and comfortable at CROSS DENTAL

Equipment :

Confident Dental ChairThe clinic has two operatories which have a fully loaded , well equipped, high end Dental chairs. Each has a scaling unit(used for cleaning) and airortors with led lights for better visibility for dentist while working and seats also have memory foam cushions for patients seating comfort during long appointments.

RVG- A radiovisiograph is specialized equipment which is used to record Xrays and study them in detail. The use of this equipment saves time as we get Xrays instantly which can be viewed on the computer by the patient and the doctor. It also increases the efficiency of the dentist as it helps speedup the procedures which would take longer with traditional xray methods.

DC XrayThis Xray machine(Satelac) is one of the best in the industry. It gives clear and sharp images of xray films with minimum Xray exposure to patients hence is safer and better compared to ordinary xray machines.

Rotary endodontic systemThis equipment makes single sitting root canals possible. It is one of the most latest equipments in dentistry which allows for easy and fast root canal procedure.

LaboratoryWe associate with the best labs in the country to fabricate the customers prosthesis . The Crowns we make are sent to authorized centres of branded companies. The dentures we make are from a renouned lab in kerela. We also have in house facility to fabricate temporary crowns and appliances.

Products : Most of the products used at Cross dental care are of Imported Qualilty. We use materials of 3M ESPE , Dentsply, Ivoclar Vivadent, Ultradent, GC which are some of the best dental companies in the industry. It is because of this that we can ensure that our treatment and prosthesis will have long lasting success. While most clinics use Alginates to take measurements of teeth for permanent crowns we use only VPS materials as is done internationally by the best clinics. All our scaling are followed by Polishing of teeth and complete oral hygiene instructions.

Facilities and Ambience : Cross Dental is fully airconditioned with 2 operatories, a consultation room and a lab. We have a washroom and All major credit cards are accepted and printed receipts given for every transaction.The comfortable ambience has Good music, interesting books for all age groups, Wi-fi enabled, Clean and hygienic environment. The building also has a lift facility for the convenience of the elderly. Ample parking available on the Sahakarnagar 60 ft main rd on which Cross dental care is situated.